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Ice Cream Cat Names

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Are you always tempted by an ice cream treat? Well, what could be more sweet than your adorable, purrfect cat? We thought you’d agree!

Here are purrfect cat names inspired by some of your favorite ice cream treats. Remember, cats prefer milk, not ice cream cones!

Rocky Road – This chocolate, marshmallow and nut ice cream is a popular favorite. Try this purrfect cat name for your adventurous cat, likely one with a brown coat.

Butter Brickle – An old fashioned flavor that many prefer when they go to an ice cream shoppe. Try this sweet cat name for your kitty if they have a light brown coat or you want a purrfect name that reminds you of the good ol’ days.

Butter Pecan – Sometimes the classic flavors are best. Sweet, creamy butter pecan has pecan pieces in it. Try this cat name for a light colored coat cat or one with an especially sweet personality.

Strawberry – Fruity and fun, lots prefer strawberry at the ice cream parlor. Try Strawberry for a purrfect cat name that is a little girly, ideal for an active and fun kitty.

Vanilla – Now some might think that vanilla would be an everyday, ordinary flavor. But we know that a cat named Vanilla would be anything – but – ordinary. This is the cat who slides down the banister for fun!

Chocolate – A classic flavor that many love when they choose ice cream, this could be a great cat name for your friendly kitty especially one with a brown or light brown coat.

Raspberry Ripple – Expect any cat named Raspberry Ripple to be one you’ve got to keep an eye on at times. This is a cat who is ready for an adventure at a moment’s notice!

Tutti Fruiti – Now this is a cat who will make you smile all the time. If your cat makes you laugh and grin, choose this purrfect cat name.

Spumoni – A favorite Italian ice cream dessert, sweet and delicious. Try this purrfect cat name for your sophisticated and fun kitty.

Pistachio – People who like pistachio ice cream seem to walk to the beat of their own drum, and quite likely any cat named Pistachio will be one who is a bit unique, something any cat lover will appreciate.

Sorbet – Light and sweet, many enjoy the refreshing taste of sorbet as an ice cream dessert. We could see a pretty long-haired kitty named Sorbet!

Neapolitan – This classic ice cream treat is a real favorite that makes so many smile. But nothing makes you smile more than your favorite feline. Choose this name for your charming cat.

Sherbet – Another old fashioned ice cream treat that reminds us of the “Good Ol’ Days.” What could be sweeter than your favorite flavor of sherbet? Only your purrfect kitty!

Sundae – An ice cream sundae is a real treat that kids and big kids (adults) enjoy. Your cat is just as special as an ice cream sundae but you don’t have to worry about them melting in hot sunshine!

Milkshake – We have to admit that most likely, any cat named Milkshake is going to be pretty goofy and active – so be prepared to have your hands full. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Malted – A classic ice cream treat that you can still enjoy at some old fashioned ice cream shoppes. Try this name for your sweet kitty.

Banana Split – Just saying this purrfect cat name makes us smile, so imagine what it would be like to give your new feline this terrific name! A bit silly and one who might entertain you with fun antics, this is a cat you’ll always want to spend time with!

Black Cherry – This sweet and fruity flavor has been a favorite for many, many years. Choose this delicious name for your purrfect cat!

Purple Cow – Have you ever had a Purple Cow or seen one? This classic ice cream treat has been around for generations. If you choose this as a purrfect cat name, the entire family will enjoy your sweet choice.

Fudge – One of the most popular additions in ice cream, you’ll find Fudge in so many of them. Choose this purrfect cat name for your brown or brown patterned kitty.

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