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Halloween Cat Names

Cat and Jack O Lantern MorgueFile June 28 2013

This fun fall holiday offers lots of great cat names. You’ll find many purrfect cat names that would appeal for the family cat. So if you’ve decided to get a cat a few weeks after taking the kids Trick or Treating, a Halloween themed cat name may be a great choice for you.

Don’t think that only a black cat would be the cat choice for a Halloween cat! We’ve got both spooky and silly Halloween themed names that will appeal to lots of different types of cats.

Try our Halloween themed cat names for that purrfect cat name. All Treats and No Tricks!

Pumpkin – This Halloween cat name could be purrfect especially for an orange cat, with a big round tummy or for any sweet natured cat.

Boo – Does your cat love to pop in and out, seemingly from nowhere? Then Boo could be that purrfect cat or kitten name. Ideal for white or grey cats, or any cats that are good at disappearing. Try Ghost, Ghoul or Spooky too!

Shadow – Halloween is a holiday known for being a little spooky, with shadows appearing everywhere, lots of people telling ghost stories. Try Shadow for a kitty name if you have a quiet cat who loves to be around you all the time.

Candy – One of the favorite things about Halloween is candy for many. What’s sweeter than candy? Why, your cat of course! Try Candy for that sweet and fun Halloween themed cat name.

Witch – If your cat seems to put everyone under a magic spell, then Witch could be that purrfect cat name for them. Watch as they try to put you under a spell to give them more kitty treats!

Goblin – This is the purrfect cat name for your active and fun cat if you are looking for a Halloween name. Goblins are often a bit small, so if your cat is smaller than usual, this could be a purrfect fit for them too.

Muffin— If your cat is yummy like a pumpkin or apple spice muffin, don’t take a bite out of them! Just name them Muffin and cuddle up to them!

Apple – This is one of the classic – and healthiest – Halloween treats. Also a real sign of the Fall season. Try this purrfect cat or kitten name for your happy and active cat.

Caramel – Do you have a super sweet kitty you want to give a Halloween themed name? Try Caramel, especially if they have a brown or light brown coat or pattern in their fur.

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