Tuesday , 18 February 2020

Groovy 1970s Cat Names

Are you a totally “hip cat,” wanting a name that reminds you of the groovy 70’s decade? Perhaps you were a kid or teen then – or maybe you just love the music of the 70’s.
Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got lots of purrfect 70’s cat names for you!

Funky – You know that a cat or kitten named Funky is going to be an active and silly one! Give this name to a cat that’s going to want to climb the curtains and chase the laser dart every time!

Groovy – You’d think a cat named Groovy would be kind of mellow, but quite likely this cat is going to keep you easily entertained with their silly and fun antics! This is a cat who will always make you smile, kind of the way the 70’s did.

Awesome – Nothing could be better than being Awesome, why of course, that’s the cat’s life! This is a sweet and playful cat.

Cool Beans – If you grew up in the 70’s you’ll know this popular saying meant that things were terrific. And what could be more purrfect than your new cat or kitten? This is a cat who will always land on their feet even if they are a teensy bit mischievous.

Disco – Now most cats don’t dance but lots are light on their feet and some seem to have extra smooth moves as they speed across the floor, chasing a cat toy or a kitty sibling! This cat or kitty is no “disco diva” but more likely a super active one that’s always up for an extra dose of fun!

Doofus – It may surprise you but a cat named Doofus is not going to be a dummy. This is a cat or kitten who likely will be able to outsmart everyone and get a piece of fried chicken off the table when everyone is looking – just like a magician!

Dude – If it seems like you’ve known your male cat forever when you’ve just met them, then Dude is the purrfect name for them! Give your new buddy a name that reminds you that they are always your best buddy!

Dynomite – What could be cooler than Dynomite? Don’t think this cat is going to have an “explosive” temperament – but keep in mind that they may “blast off” with lots of energy and playtime activity. A great cat/pet for children and teens.

Vinyl – You love the 70’s if you name your cat Vinyl! Remember or still have a few beloved Vinyl records? Some of you not from this decade may need to be introduced to this format, but for those who know them – this could be your favorite way to listen to music. A classic name for a classic feline who will never, ever go out of style.

Have a male or female cat or kitten and want to give them a 70’s style name? Try a few of these purrfect names!

Male 70s Names:










Female 70s Names:

















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