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Goofy Cat Names

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Does your cat make you laugh and laugh? Some cats just seem goofier than others. So why not give them a Goofy cat name to match their purrsonality? Here are some cat names ideal for your silly and fun cat!

Sneakers – Kids and “big kids” (adults) know they’ll have more fun in any day when they get to wear sneakers. And if cats wore sneakers – why, they would understand that too. Give your cat the name Sneakers to match their playful purrsonality.

Bunko – Some wont miss up the chance to play this fun and favorite game. If you’ve ever tried it, you’d know this game will make you laugh and laugh, win or lose. Name your cat after the game Bunko and be prepared to smile.

Chili – This is a meal that brings people together at parties and social gatherings. Don’t forget all of those fun chili cook-offs too! Spicy and original, there’s nothing like a delicious bowl of chili – except for your terrific goofy cat!

Patches – Now Patches is one of the classic clown names, so we couldn’t resist adding it here. Who would mess with the classics after all? If you’ve got a super goofy cat, give them a name that fits them like a big red rubber nose!

Pirate – If you’ve seen any pirate cartoons or movies, then you know some of them can be quite goofy and adventurous. Well any adventure is far more fun when you’re goofy! Don’t let your goofy cat set sail without a purrfect name!

Stringbean – This cat name is especially purrfect for your l-o-n-g and skinny goofy cat!

Seinfeld – If you’ve ever seen the ‘Seinfeld’ show, then you know that Seinfeld can be pretty goofy. Why not name your kitten or cat after this great comedian?

Bonkers – When you’ve got a goofy cat, some may think they are completely bonkers. After all, its not every cat who tries to chase the dog – instead of the other way around!

Spider – For those with an active cat who can climb the walls and never stops having fun adventures, this could be the purrfect goofy cat name.

Monkey – If your cat or kitten is super lively and active, then Monkey could be the ideal choice to match their purrsonality.

Jackpot – When you’ve got a goofy cat, its like winning the jackpot in Vegas! Your cat will always make you laugh and is ready for another adventure.

Percival – What an unassuming, well behaved name. Almost quiet, don’t you think? That’s why we think it is purrfect for your goofy cat! People will never see that goofy cat coming their way!

Photo (c) Keith Moseley

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  1. Here’s some for the goofy list:
    Sheba Zerk when broken out correctly it is She Bazerk, which fit the personality.
    Or Twinkie, because he was a big cream puff.
    Or Itty Bitty and his sister Itsy Bitsy, because they were both small cats. They even had a large building named after them, the letters on top were IB.

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