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Girly Girl Cat Names

Persian Cat MorgueFile June 29 2013

Is your new female kitten all sugar, spice and everything nice? Some girl cats just seem more feminine and ladylike than others, and for those you may want to choose a truly girl girl name. We have some purrfect cat names for you to select from for that sweet kitty!

Emily – This female name is a classic and quite ladylike. We are sure your Emily knows how to daintily walk down the banister without slipping once!

Sophia – What a pretty name for your pretty girl cat! Choose Sophia as the purrfect cat name for your beautiful long haired cat or kitten that you love to sit there and pat.

Lizzie– Short for Elizabeth, this is a fun and feminine nickname that is still quite girly girl! We are sure your Lizzie has the prettiest cat eyes that glow in the night.

Princess – Now every girly girl cat could be called Princess but it takes a truly special one to have this for their purrfect name. It doesn’t mean they are spoiled – but often they are well cared for, just as every princess should be!

Sparkle – What girly girl doesn’t love a bit of sparkle in her day? We think sparkles make everything better! And when your cat or kitten enters the room, they make everything better too!

Bubbles – This is a fun, feminine cat name that will make everyone smile. Who can resist the charm of bubbles? Very few we think will be able to resist your adorable kitty.

Cupcake – What’s cuter than a cupcake? Why, your girly girl cat or kitten of course! Just don’t put any frosting on them!

Emma— This is a classic, very feminine name, purrfect for your girly girl cat.

Paris – A sophisticated and fun name with international appeal ideal for your girly girl cat or kitten.

Molly – What a sweet name for your feminine girly girl cat. We know she’ll be quite ladylike even when she tries to dip a paw into your milk glass.

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