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Don’t Miss Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp May 5th & May 6th NYC: Interview with Christina Ha, Founder of Cat Camp

Last spring, was honored to interview Christina Ha as she launched her fantastic Cat Camp in New York, NY. Now the event is bigger & better than ever, as the saying goes. It has a new name – Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp – and it takes place on Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th at the Penn Pavilion in New York City.

Once again, we are THRILLED to host an interview with Christina Ha! You probably know Ms. Ha quite well, as the founder & co-owner of NYC’s very first cat cafe, the Meow Parlour. Here is a bit about Christina:

Christina Ha is the Co-Founder and head Pastry Chef at the popular patisserie, Macaron Parlour. A graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education Pastry & Baking Program and the Culinary Management Program, Christina combines her passion for baking and her adoration for cats with her latest endeavors, Meow Parlour and Cat Camp.

Christina and her husband, Simon, are the proud parents of 5 cats. It all started when they found their first cat, Mr. Socks, on the street outside of their home. After bringing him in and spoiling him, they were hooked! Christina adopted Pickle and Bobo a few months later after seeing them at the annual NYC adoption event, Adoptapalooza.

Putty came to Christina’s home as a foster kitten with her sisters, Taystee & Boo. She was quickly “adopted” by Bobo, who was devastated when she was returned to KittyKind’s adoption center. He went on a hunger strike until Putty came back home and the two have been inseparable since.

Tia was originally a foster kitten who was only 9 ounces when she was found, despite being 2 months old. She was never brought back to the adoption center. She’s just too cute.

Christina holds a NYC certificate in Animal Care and Handling.

PurrfectCatNames: It’s exciting to see you doing Cat Camp again. Can you share why you’ve chosen to partner with Jackson Galaxy for your event?

Christina Ha: I was introduced to Jackson’s magic through his show, My Cat From Hell, when I rescued my first cat. Jackson has shaped my relationship with my (now 5) cats, and his tips from his show helped me with designing Meow Parlour to be fun, engaging and comfortable for the cats there. His messaging is improving the relationships of humans and their felines all over the world.

When he first emailed me out of the blue in 2017 to say that he’d been waiting for an event like Cat Camp, I was so excited, and my mind is still blown that the very person who taught me so much about cats is now my partner with helping others learn through Cat Camp, and we’re so excited that it will be bigger and even more accessible to the cat lovers in NYC and beyond.

PurrfectCatNames: What is your favorite & new thing about this year’s Cat Camp – other than Jackson Galaxy?

Christina Ha: Drag Bingo!!! We’re so excited to have Goldie Lox and Ona Louise to host a drag bingo fundraiser this year. We’ve done similar events at Meow Parlour in the past, and they’ve been a total blast.

PurrfectCatNames: Your event features 300+ adoptable cats. Where specifically do the cats come from? Do you have any advice for someone who is coming to your event & thinking about going home with a new fur-ever family member? Such as, what information should they bring with them & how should they prepare their home for the new, furry arrival?

Christina Ha: The cats come from rescue groups all around the tri-state area. We’re really grateful to be partnering with Petco Foundation this year. Thanks to a generous donation from them, we are able to make the event’s adoption center open to members of the public, which will hopefully increase the cats’ likelihood of finding a forever home!

PurrfectCatNames: Jackson Galaxy is now partnering with you to do this event. What does this mean? Will he be giving a talk or what else can event attendees look forward to seeing at the event?

Christina Ha: Jackson will be bouncing around all over Cat Camp this year! Event attendees can look forward to meet-and-greets with Jackson both on Saturday and Sunday, as well as a special presentation on Saturday called Cats vs. Dogs, in which Jackson and dog trainer Zoe Sandor will discuss how cats and dogs differ, how are they the same, and how they can co-exist peacefully in a home. Sunday attendees will also have the privilege to hear Jackson’s awesome Keynote — The Power of ‘You’.

PurrfectCatNames: Jackson Galaxy Cat Camp fans! Here are some of the presenters you’ll see at this year’s Cat Camp!: 

Hannah Shaw AKA Kitten Lady

Andrew Marttila


Adam Myatt AKA The Cat Man of West Oakland


PurrfectCatNames: What other presenters & cats do you expect at this year’s Cat Camp? Who are you excited to see? Are they going to talk about any “hot topics” related to cats and kittens?

Christina Ha: Overall I’m excited for our cat loving community to be able to connect with the amazing advocates and the new generation of people guiding us into the future of animal welfare.

PurrfectCatNames: Imagine you’ve hopped into a time capsule with me for a moment….where do you imagine Cat Camp to be 10 years from now? What do you really want attendees to experience and to go home knowing about?

Christina Ha: I’d love to see the continued growth in knowledge amongst not just animal advocacy professionals, but the entire cat loving community! I want people to be able to decide how they can best help cats as individuals, and Cat Camp is a way for folks to better understand the means of animal welfare. I hope Cat Camp encourages individuals to make the maximum impact they can, in a way that best fits into their lives—and also for them to connect with others in the cat community to garner even more support!

PurrfectCatNames: What was your most memorable (or fun) experience creating this year’s Cat Camp?

Christina Ha: I’d say that working with such an incredible team to create this year’s event has been my favorite part so far.

PurrfectCatNames: How can we get tickets to Cat Camp? Oh….can we bring our cat or kitten to the event? Because I think Jackson Galaxy really should get to know my feline?

Christina Ha: Tickets are available for purchase on They can also be purchased at the door on both Saturday and Sunday of the event. No outside cats are allowed at Cat Camp, however, the lovable BUB will be there, and we will have many adoptable cats and kittens available for adoption.

PurrfectCatNames: Okay folks! So – absolutely no outside cats are allowed at the event! But, do be sure to go & enjoy every purrfect, meow-valous moment of Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp this May, we know you aren’t going to want to miss a moment of the fun!!!

Visit CatCampNYC to learn more & get tickets for the event!

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