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Dessert Inspired Cat Names

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Is your cat a real sweetie pie? Then you’ll want to try a Dessert Inspired name to match their purrsonality that’s just like candy – or cake! We’ve got lots of yummy dessert names for you to choose from.

Cupcake – What could be more adorable than a tasty cupcake? Why, your new cat of course! Give them a sweet dessert inspired name. Purrfect especially for kittens or cats that may be smaller than others.

Sultana – Want a sweet name, but health-conscious too? Try Sultana, another name for “grape.” Originally from Turkey. Could be a great name especially for white cats (a Sultana is considered a white grape – the light green type).

Cookie – Don’t take a bite of this yummy treat! Try this fun name for your happy and sweet cat. This could be the purrfect choice for your cat. Just don’t let them get a paw in while you are baking.

Marzipan – If you choose your cat during holiday times, naming them after a dessert you enjoy then could be the ideal choice. Marzipan is made from sugar, honey and almonds and often starts as a light almond color but is often dyed different colors – this name would be purrfect for many different colors and patterns we see in cats!

Marshmallow – Do you have one of those soft, cuddly and even a bit squishy cats and you could can just pet and pet for hours? Try Marshmallow for that purrfect cat name.

Biscotti – Many love this sophisticated, crunchy cookie with a cup of coffee or tea. Biscotti come in a variety of flavors, some with almonds, espresso and chocolate. A good name especially for brown, white and patterned cats. Please don’t dip your cat in coffee – or tea!

Madeline – The Madeline is a small sponge cake and for some, Madelines are sweet cookies that they enjoy. What could be better than naming your new cat or kitten after your favorite dessert treat? The purrfect name for a sweet female cat.

Red Velvet – This is a favorite Southern cake with a deep red color often served with a cream cheese frosting. Rich and indulgent, it is a treat worth every bite. Try this purrfect cat name for that special, sweet cat you plan on indulging just a bit.

Pudding – We would think that any cat named Pudding would be cuddly, cozy and soft – quite like the “comfort food” that Pudding is known to be. Whether it is vanilla, chocolate or butterscotch, many enjoy Pudding. Give this terrific name to your new cat or kitten.

Tiramisu –  Many love this popular – and delicious – Italian dessert. Made from ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, coffee and cocoa. Give your cat a name that is as sweet as they are!

Ginger – Ginger is a favorite ingredient and many enjoy ginger candy too. The purrfect name for ginger colored or patterned cats, or for any cat you think has a little extra “spice!”

Candy – Quite likely, every kid’s favorite treat – young and old – is candy. So what better name could there be than Candy for your new cat or kitten? When your cat is always fun, playful and very sweet, you know you’ve found the purrfect name for them!

Pumpkin – For your adorable and cuddly orange cat, we simply can’t think of a better name than Pumpkin. Especially if they have a big, round tummy!

Sugar – What’s sweeter than Sugar? Try this purrfect cat name for your sweet new cat or kitten.

Pistachio – Now we know Pistachios are green – and (hopefully) your cat is not green. But many love Pistachios for being unique and special. And that’s why this is a purrfect cat name! Give your cat or kitten a name that compliments them for being as unique and special as they are.

Photo (c) Frederic Bisson


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