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Christmas Cat Names

Ho, ho, ho! What could be more jolly than Christmas cat names? We thought you’d agree. There’s something about giving your cat a Christmas inspired name that makes you grin from ear to ear.

Christmas cat names will likely appeal to the sentimental and those who especially enjoy this warm hearted season that comes every year. Just think…every time you greet your cat in the morning, you’ll be reminded of that season of goodwill towards all man….and every cat! Here are some of our favorite Christmas names.

All of Santa’s reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph.  – fun cat names, especially great choices for pairs of cats or cats that are related. All of Santa’s reindeer are quick and light on their feet, these are great choices for that busy & active cat.

Santa  – jolly ol’ St. Nick could be the perfect cat name. Does he have a “bowl full of jelly” too…or is his full of kibble?

Christmas – Christmas is not just December 25th for many people, it is a feeling and a religious day. Naming your cat Christmas is a wonderful way to enjoy the Christmas season year-round.

Jolly – What could be more fun for the happiest cat around? If your cat simply makes you jolly, or has the jolliest personality you’ve ever seen, this could be a great cat name to choose.

Holly – Traditional greenery seen during the Christmas season and also a popular girl’s name. This is a sweet name for a female cat, especially if you want to choose a name that will remind you of Christmastime.

Merry – The greeting “Merry Christmas” is one of the most popular holiday greetings you’ll see during the season. Merry is happy name choice for your cat. Also a great selection for a pair of cats, one named Merry and another named Christmas.

Snow – If you’ve chosen a white or grey cat, Snow could be a wonderful name for them. While snow is cold and sometimes icy, this weather pattern is also known for bringing so much joy. Both children and adults love snow, for skiiing, snowshoeing, sledding and just taking a walk in. Just say “snow day” and you’ll make anyone smile. A cat named Snow would be a popular one in many homes.

Snowy – This is another fun option if you like the name Snow but want a name that sounds more like a nickname. Don’t think only white or grey cats deserve this name, you may choose this name because you got your cat on a snowy day. Or because your town is known for very snowy weather, or your cat seems to love the snow.

Snowflake – What a feminine, dainty name! This is a perfect choice if you want a Christmas themed name that reminds you of this snowy season. Why we can just see a cat named Snowflake delicately padding his way down the stairs on Christmas morning.

Blizzard – Naming your cat Blizzard reminds people to prepared for lots of busy activity. This is a cat who is going to make things happen. If your cat is full of energy and always seems to be into something – whether for good or for trouble – Blizzard could be a fun name to give them.

Carol – Who doesn’t love Christmas carols? And the name Carol is such a classic, traditional name. Its perfect for your female cat when you want a Christmas themed name. If you love music, and want to think about Christmas carols, this could be the ideal cat name to choose. Or get inspiration from this list from Wikipedia.

Joy – What a cheerful, uplifting cat name! Just hearing this name makes anyone smile. The Christmas season is known as a time filled with joy, and naming your cat Joy will remind you of this holiday time every day. And what a happy cat they will be!

Hope – This is a lovely, inspiring cat name to choose. Every Christmas season fills us with Hope. And who couldn’t use a bit more Hope each day, especially in the form of an adorable cat? This is a great choice for a cat name to keep the Christmas season in your heart, ideal for a sweet cat you love. A perfect choice for a pair of cats, with one cat named Joy and another cat named Hope. Or one cat named Hope and one cat named Faith.

Faith – Christmas for most of us is a time of faith. Naming your cat Faith is a wonderful way to remember the true meaning of Christmas each day. The name Faith is a very traditional girl’s name, and sisters were sometimes named Faith, Hope and Charity. It is easy to see that a cat named Faith will be very loyal and always by your side, that great companion and friend every cat should be.

Icicle – Christmas is in wintertime, which leads to cold & snowy weather. If you adopted your cat or kitten on a chilly day, why not name them Icicle? Just remember to always cuddle them and keep your cat cozy and warm!

Jack Frost – Christmas carols are one of the most popular traditions of the holiday season. “Jack Frost nipping at your nose” is so well-known for the Christmas season. This is a lovely old-fashioned name for a Christmas cat.

Mince Pie – Now, don’t bite your cat if you call them Mince Pie! This is a very classic dessert served at Christmastime. If your car or kitten is super sweet, this is a delightful name to give them.

Mistletoe – It’s a well-known tradition that people kiss under the mistletoe at Christmastime. Is your cat cuddly and kiss-able? Then choose this sweet name for them.

Mittens – One of the most classic kitty names, but it’s also purrfect if you are adopting a feline during the Christmas season. Both kids and adults wear warm and cozy mittens during this winter season.

Jingle Bells – What a fun and cheery name for a cat or kitten! Whether or not your cat wears a tiny bell around its neck, this is a cat name that will always remind you of Christmas, the time you adopted your cat.

Joyeux Noel (French) – In French, “Joyeux Noel” means “Merry Christmas” and this is a lovely name to give your cat or kitten.

Kris Kringle – This is another name for Santa Claus, one of the more old-fashioned names that you’ll see sometimes in children’s storybooks and songs. What a fun name to give your Christmas cat or kitten!

Noel (French) – In French this translates to mean “Christmas.” What a lovely name to give your Christmas cat or kitten.

North Pole – Did you get a cat or kitten as a family? This is a fun Christmas themed name the kids will certainly like!

Snowflake – Did you adopt your cat or kitten on a snowy day? Do you live in a place that gets a lot of snow? Does your new cat love to play in the snow? Well, this could be a great name for them!

Star – The Wise Men followed the North Star to find Baby Jesus when he was born. This is a lovely Christmas themed name.

Sugarplum – This Christmas name is actually inspired by the ballet The Nutcracker. There is a dance of The Sugarplum Fairy. If you have a super active kitty who has wonderful balance and grace, this is a delightful name for them!

Partridge – Most know of “the partridge in a pear tree.” If you love this song, this could be the purrfect Christmas cat name for your feline.

Most people know that the Wise Men brought Baby Jesus Myrrh and Frankincense. If you are adopting a pair of kittens at Christmas, this could be a charming set of names to give them!

Nutcracker – The Nutcracker is a classic ballet that is performed during the winter and Christmas season. If your cat “dances” around the home and makes you feel cheerful, this is the purrfect name to give them.

Plum Pudding – This Christmas dessert is very old fashioned and quite beloved by many families. If you have a cat with a dark grey coat or with purple undertones, this could be a charming name to give them.

Poinsettia – One of the most popular flowers you’ll see at Christmas, most often seen in red, white and light coral too. Choose this as a fun Christmas cat name for your female cat.

Popcorn – Popcorn balls are a very classic treat served during the Christmas season. If you have a super active kitty who “bounces” all over your home, choose this charming cat name!

Tinsel – In the 1950’s tinsel was much more popular to decorate Christmas trees. It glittered and was shimmery and bright. If you have a cat who can easily capture anyone’s attention, here’s the purrfect cat name for them.

Wish – Want a hopeful and inspiring name for your cat? Choose Wish for your adorable feline!

Yule – This is a very old-fashioned way to say Christmas. It’s also a charming Christmas themed name for your cat or kitten.

Saint Nicholas – Here is a lovely, old-fashioned Christmas cat name. This is another phrase to say Santa Claus.

Scrooge – Everyone knows Scrooge, the cranky old guy who finally learned the lesson of love of Christmas. This is a funny name to choose for your cat!

St. Nick – This is a nickname for Saint Nicholas, which also means Santa Claus.

Snowball – Many consider this to be a classic cat name. It’s also purrfect to remember the Christmas season when you adopted a car or kitten.

Do you love Santa Claus? Here is how to say Santa Claus in other parts of the world:

Papai Noel (Brazil)

Viejo Pascuero (Chile) – Translates to “Old Man Christmas”

Dun Che Lao Ren (China)

Weihnachtsmann (Germany)

Mikulas (Hungary) – “St. Nicholas”

Babbo Natale (Italy)

Julemanden – Denmark

Joulupukki – Finland

Papa Noel (Spain)

Noel Baba (Turkey)

Pere Noel (France)

Hoteiosho (Japan)

Pai Natal (Portugal)

Charity – For many who celebrate Christmas, it is a season of giving, giving to others who may be in need. Naming your cat Charity reminds anyone who meets your wonderful furry friend of this kind quality to be helpful to others. This may also be a cat who winds up being helpful, in those special ways only a cat can be. That cat who snuggles up to someone who has had a bad day or the cat who greets everyone who comes to the door.

Jesus – If you love Christmas and want to celebrate the origin of this holiday, Jesus could be the ideal cat name for you. Christmas is a happy day because it is Jesus’ birthday. This is the perfect name for a friendly and sweet natured cat.

Mary – Jesus’ mother was Mary. This is one of the most popular women’s names from the Christmas season, ideal for your female cat.

Joseph – Jesus’ father was Joseph. His name is one of the most well known men’s names you’ll hear from the Christmas season, and is a great choice for your male cat.

December – What a perfect way to think of Christmas year-round, naming your cat after its month! This is an elegant name, something you wont hear everyday. A distinctive name perfect for that sophisticated cat.

Coal – Oh no! No one ever wants to see coal left in their Christmas stocking! That’s a sign you’ve been naughty this year. Well perhaps your cat is just a touch naughty. They like to climb up the curtains or knock over your coffee cup. It’s also a great name for your kitten if they have a dark grey coat.

Candy – Now what could be sweeter than candy? Why, your cat of course! This is the purrfect cat name for a feline who is a real sweetie pie.

Candy Cane – One of the classic treats we enjoy during Christmas. Most often they are peppermint flavored. This is a great name for a white or even a white and striped colored cat. Especially one who is just delightful.

Hot Toddy – In winter months, adults like to warm up with a hot toddy. This is a very cute name to give your new feline. It’s an especially cozy name to give them, reminding you of being comfortable.

Cookie – Is your Christmas cat or kitten extra sweet? Don’t give them a bite! They might bite you back! But Cookie is a super sweet name ideal for this type of feline. So many enjoy especially homemade cookies at Christmastime.

Angel – Do you have the sweetest cat in the neighborhood, perhaps even the whole town? Instead of catching baby birds, would gently lift them back up into their nest? This could be that purrfect cat name for them!

Hot Chocolate – Both kids and adults love to have a mug of hot chocolate during Christmastime. If you have a feline who is brown in coat color and especially sweet, this could be their purrfect name for them.

Ivy – Did you adopt a female cat or kitten? Here’s a delightfully feminine Christmas themed name for them.

Belle (for bells rung at Christmastime) – Old fashioned church bells often ring at Christmastime. So do hand held bells. It’s such a pretty sound! Especially consider this name, when your kitten has a delightful trilling meow that’s almost musical.

Chestnut – One of the most classic treats that many enjoy during Christmas. Roasted chestnuts are something that people look forward to every year. If you have a cat or kitten with a warm brown colored coat such as chestnut, this could be a great name for them!

Frosty the Snowman – Both kids and their parents enjoy this classic cartoon showed on TV every Christmastime. Frosty is a happy snowman. This name is purrfect for a big white fluffy cat or kitten.

Gingerbread – Who can resist Gingerbread at Christmastime? People have Gingerbread men and make Gingerbread houses too. If you have a cat with a deep brown coat and a spicy purrsonality, this is the purrfect name for them.

Eggnog – Now, if your cat truly is the life of the party, have we got the purrfect cat name for them? If you think at any moment, you’ll walk in and find them wearing a lampshade on their head, or perhaps they’ll be dancing on the tabletops – name them Eggnog. After all, an extra cup of this at the Christmas party and lots of people do these things too!

Elf – Does your cat have lots of charm and whimsy? We’re not going to ask if they are clever enough to make toys, like Santa’s elves in the workshop in the North Pole. But probably your cat is entertaining and simply delightful. So, name them Elf!

Fruitcake – This is one of the most popular Christmas treats, enjoyed as a dessert. It’s a rich cake filled with dried fruit. Some people make jokes about a “Fruitcake” as someone being slightly goofy, so if your cat seems to be this, then you could pick this name to show their silly side. Or if their coat color is dark but also colorful, this is a great name for them.

Feliz Navidad (Spanish) – This translates to “Merry Christmas” You could give your cat this name to remember a trip to Spain or simply show your love of everything about the Spanish culture and traditions.

Goose – One of the old-fashioned meals for Christmas is to eat goose. Don’t eat your cat! But if you think about it, this could be an adorable purrfect cat name for your feline to remember the Christmastime. Very unique too.

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