Tuesday , 23 October 2018

Celebrate Your Cat’s Got ‘Em Day!

Hey! Did you get a cat?

Are you celebrating their “Got ‘Em” day? If not, why not?

I adopted Penguin from our local Humane Society last Friday, December 13th. I knew instantly that he was my cat and I was his pet parent. Since then, every Friday the 13th has been a lucky day for us and we’ve looked forward to this December 13th, marking his first “Got ‘Em” Day.

Most of us do not know our cat’s specific birthday. Unless you adopted your cat as a wee kitten, you probably do not know that exact date. But you can always celebrate the day the two of you found each other.

Here are some ideas to celebrate!

Plan fun things to do with your cat! With Penguin, he loves to play. Whether it is chasing a seltzer bottle’s plastic cap around the kitchen floor or waving his paws at a kitty bird, he is a gentle but playful feline. So for his “Got ‘Em” Day, playtime was one of the first things we did. But if your cat likes other activities, like to be brushed or to be outdoors, then choose something that your cat enjoys – remember this is a day about them!

Give them special treats. Penguin really likes tuna juice. He’s a funny boy, he does not actually like to eat tidbits to tuna, only the tuna juice which he gobbles up like, well, tuna juice! I don’t give him treats all the time – but choose a special treat – in moderation – and give it to them. A little salmon, tuna or piece of plain chicken breast is something your cat would be thrilled to have. Remember that cats should not eat people food that has lots of gravy, spices and other ingredients, they can sometimes not be good for them.

Take their photos to celebrate this special moment. A one year anniversary of their adoption is a big moment. Grab your camera and take a few snaps – or many if your prefer. Share them on Facebook or Instagram so your cat loving buddies can enjoy them too.

Check out their health records and make a vet appointment if you need to. Now is the perfect time to see if they are up to date with their rabies and other shot boosters – if you haven’t done this already. Or if they need a vet appointment for a check-up, pick up the phone and get the appointment. Doing this on their “Got ‘Em” Day is an excellent way for you to show your love for them, to be a good pet parent and to keep track of their health needs!

Thank the shelter or cat breeder for the wonderful cat you now have. People who work in shelters or choose to become breeders work very hard, dedicating themselves to improve the quality of life for cats and helping people find cats and kittens to adopt. Call, email or write a Thank You note telling them what fun you are having with your cat! Consider making a donation to the shelter if you can. Remember that shelters don’t just need a check (which is a good thing to give) but they are often very happy to receive pet food, pet toys and treats and towels, sheets and other items like office supplies – check with them before donating items.

Your cat may not realize that it is their “Got ‘Em” Day because – well- they’re a cat! But I think Penguin knew that we were happy and a little excited and he enjoyed the fun. Have fun with your cat everyday – but why not celebrate the day you first found your cat and gave them a forever home?


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