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Cats & Astrology with Astrologer Pamela Cucinell!


Most of us know about our astrology sign, but did you ever think about cats & astrology? Here is an interview with well-known astrologer Pamela Cucinell!

Pamela Cucinell has passed the rigorous testing of the National Council of Geocosmic Research and holds NCGR PAA certification for astrological consulting. She ran a storefront wellness and metaphysical gifts business for six years and now enjoys the freedom of working with people virtually and through many venues. As a Reiki Master, she imbues every session with the power and focus of healing energy. She has studied symbols and psychology at the CG Jung Institute in NYC and is a master of tarot. She works with many self-employed clients; relationships, both business and personal, gain tremendously from her astute insight.

Pamela lives with the feline siblings, Lola and Tigger, who were chosen by her daughter Sofia when the adoption lady was at PetCo. Still mourning their cat who had passed at the holidays, Pam made a quick call to her husband to swing by and check the kitty chemistry, and a new stage began. Pam checked the date’s astrology AFTER the fact, which showed her daughter knew the cat lady would be there and had calculated the meeting perfectly. How can learning about astrology benefit cat owners & cat lovers?

Pamela Cucinell : Astrology is a complex language. Like any language when you know a little, it helps you make friends, barter and discover things. You can give yourself a little primer in astrology. It’s not dissimilar to a dictionary/translation book when you’re in another country, although astrology is probably more fun and visual. The good news is that there are a couple of ways that astrology can expand the relationship you have with a cat. If you do know your cat’s Sun sign, it opens up a great deal of insight. The Sun sign shows us how we want to shine in this lifetime, so it gives you an idea of what makes your cat happy. But even if you don’t know kitty’s Sun sign, you do know yours. When you understand yourself better, it enhances all your relationships, including the one with your 4-legged friends. Many pet parents adopt their cat and aren’t certain of a specific birthdate. How can you do astrology for your cat without a birthdate?

Pamela Cucinell : That’s true, the odds are if your cat was a rescue, you may not know the place s/he was born, nor the time and perhaps not even the day. Yet, if kitty is “3 months old” at adoption, it gives you an estimate with which to begin. A few targeted questions at the time you adopt, may bring you closer to an actual date. I had no idea of the birth signs of most of my cats, but the brother and sister who have just celebrated their 7th birthday with us were adopted from a cat lady in PetCo who screened us carefully. As a result, I don’t know their exact birthday, but I know they are Capricorns, although their personalities are very different

When you get an adult cat and you know s/he’s “5 years”, you are operating without a star map. Yet we bring cats into our lives at very specific times, whether or not we are paying attention. Therefore, it’s useful to note the day you make the commitment (in the same way a wedding date is important). This is the day you begin your lives together, so if you don’t know kitty’s birthday, you do have a date to note. This is the birth of your committed relationship.

My first cat was Avocado (Gato for short- I know that in Spanish it should be Gata- but I also know a name becomes what it’s meant to be), Gato had been abandoned when a student went home from college. She followed me home and all my friends teased me about my cat. She was at my door in the morning and I was hooked. Gato was about 6 months when she came to me in May. She was independent, adaptable and an excellent hunter. Even with a bell she could bag a bird, much to my distress. When it came time to leave town we packed up the car and my mother said that we had to go, forget about the cat (Mom is not a cat lover, but that’s another story). I called Gato and she raced out of the bushes into my arms. Gato clearly had no intention of finding a new human. Since I didn’t know a lot about astrology at the time, I figured she was a Sagittarius. In hindsight, I think she also was a Capricorn, because throughout her lifetime she made decisions for the long-haul.  My kitten Penguin is 8 months old. That would mean he was born in May, a Taurus perhaps? What can you tell us about his sun sign? Or with the knowledge that he is born in May, what would his sun sign be?

Pamela Cucinell: Penguin! A Tuxedo, perhaps? Penguin is either a Taurus if he was born in the first few weeks of May, or a Gemini. Often when someone is born one sign or the other, they have glimmers of the other sign dominant in their makeup as well. This is because the planets Mercury and Venus travel closer to the Sun so they are either in the same sign as the Sun or the one right next to it.

A Taurus loves to be wherever he is. If he’s on the floor and the sun moves from where it had been baking his back, he might open an eye to try to will it to return, but the impetus to get up and move is slight. The Gemini cat will follow the sun beam, chase any sparkle that the sun makes as it travels or the dust ball that it reveals. If Penguin is a Taurus and he’s found your lap, he makes it very challenging for you to get up. The Gemini cat is ready to move before you realize it’s time.  How can you use astrology to pick out the best cat for you?

Pamela Cucinell: I have chosen a few cats in my life, one came with the big cat, my husband  and two cats chose me. It’s valuable to know what’s going on with you when the cat comes into your life. A good daily astrology forecast will give you an idea of if this is an auspicious day, but general forecasts do not consider how an individual necessarily feels on that day. Other than selecting a good day on an astrology calendar, it’s very important to be clear on what motivates you to bring a new member into your home.

I also recommend only going to choose your pet with people who will be living with the cat, not a well-meaning friend. In the same way that when you meet the “right” partner, you want to be clear that you’re reading the signals loud and clear. You don’t need an interpreter, you just need to be in touch with how YOU feel. You don’t ask for his/her birthday first. You make decisions based on what attracts you to the person. There are things we see when we look at the horoscope, but unless you’re on an astrology dating service, you want to first see how the natural chemistry operates.  Can you look at a person’ sign and their cat’s sign to see what type of relationship they will have? What would this tell you?

Pamela Cucinell: Sun sign astrology lets us know what the person/ cat likes to bring into their world to thrive at optimum level. Since there’s more to a person/ cat than just their Sun sign (the moon sign lets you know who they are emotionally, for instance), when you know the “sign”, you only know one piece of the puzzle. That’s why when you read a typical Sun sign column it might read: “Aries and Scorpio = bad match”, which can cause confusion, because that’s you and your spouse and you’re extremely happy.

It’s far more useful to gain a working knowledge of a sign’s characteristics and reflect on how you interact with that kind of energy. For instance, back to our Aries/Scorpio pairing, if you’re an Aries, you generally like to call the shots and act on inspiration. If you’re a Scorpio, you definitely like to have things your way, but you are not necessarily overt about it. This coupling might work really well if an equal footing is desired.

The Aries human comes home from work in a state because his/her boss has insisted on a course that the Aries thinks is idiotic. Fuming, the Aries human gets on Monster looking for a new job. The Scorpio cat is annoyed that dinner has been overlooked and proceeds to jump on the Aries’ lap. Once pushed off, the Scorpio cat jumps on the desk and purrs next to the monitor. In a sudden graceful sweep, the cat folds onto the keyboard, obliterating the monitor and stopping the flying fingers in mid-action. The Aries’ owner is arrested and usually succumbs with laughter to the cat’s fine manipulation. A respectful power play can work, depending on the personalities of the cohabitants.  What can you use astrology for to help cats?

Pamela Cucinell: Astrology is extremely useful for cats to know ways to get around their humans:

Aries- they want to do things their way, but they may love to play with you with a laser toy. Find their favorite hat and sleep on it every chance you get.

Taurus- every time they sit down, find their lap. This makes it extremely hard for them to want to move.

Gemini- find their lap only IF you want to exercise. Otherwise sit by their side and they will return- eventually.

Cancer- A good lap human- curl up cutely and ice cream may be shared

Leo- when you want attention, chew his/her hair (or lick the bald spot)

Virgo- you need to create a routine with this one- happiness is a clean cat box!

Libra- you are admired for your looks; posing gains you points

Scorpio- well thought out spiteful responses gain grudging respect. Never ignore an opportunity to break into a taboo area.

Sagittarius- a good choice for the out-of-doors cat, otherwise you need to watch the food bowl for too much of a good thing.

Capricorn- respects a working cat, hunting and feigning alertness, even when you’re simply looking at light flashes.

Aquarius-come and go as you please; the quirkier and more independent you are, the more you’ll be appreciated

Pisces- this human anticipates your moves; you are like dance partners  Can you use it to know what issues they may be vulnerable for and need attention at the vet as time goes by?

Pamela Cucinell: Each sign is said to indicate a certain area of the body… this doesn’t necessarily suggest vulnerability, but it can be a point of focus. I never think it’s helpful to anticipate a problem without more concrete information, and just knowing the Sun sign alone is not enough for a conclusive hypothesis about health.  Can it tell you about their personality and temperament?

Pamela Cucinell: Yes. The Sun sign is pretty indicative of temperament, although other factors color this. It is rare to have a cat’s exact time of birth, so the horoscope cannot be calculated to give a “spot-on” interpretation. Keep in mind that the Sun sign changes every 30 days, as opposed to the Moon sign (which indicates emotions, habits and moods) changing every 2.5 days. The Rising Sign/ Ascendant changes every 2 hours; this indicates the persona, how kitty appears to the world.

If you do know your cat’s Sun sign, you have an idea on what makes them shine, what makes them act up and what makes them purrrrrr.  What is the biggest difference between astrology for pets and astrology for people?

Pamela Cucinell: Most clients are interested in love and work when they look to astrology- that can translate to a pet’s owner and its job in the home.
So the big difference would be life span. There are stages of life “transits” when the planets have moved from the place at birth. For humans, critical years are 7, 14, 21, 28 to name a few. These are classic years of growth and development. A cat’s life span is much less.  Have you ever done an astrology chart for a pet? If so, what did it show you?

Pamela Cucinell: I have done charts for acquiring a pet- you want a “good” day. Anytime you start an enterprise, marry or sign a contract, it’s best to have the stars aligned.
I’ve never drafted a horoscope for a pet. I do know the possible birthdays of my present kitties, within a 3 day window. Although they were probably born close together, their personalities are different. What they share is that they are very content. It may be because they have one another. Or it may be because they are Capricorns and are quite satisfied with where they’ve landed. The only issue we had was Tigger kept peeing outside the box as a kitten (yikes!) As soon as we installed “his and hers” litter boxes, the behavior stopped. Capricorns do like order and propriety.  What would you recommend to pet owners if they decide to see an astrologist? What information should they try to have on hand?

Pamela Cucinell: If you choose to see an astrologer specifically to understand your pet, it is useful to have your birthday, time and place of birth. If you have your pet’s birthday and the day your relationship began, even better! The astrologer will focus on the human’s horoscope, because everyone in your life is reflected in it. Our pets often mirror or absorb what goes on around them, so you will be an integral part of the discussion.

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