Tuesday , 23 October 2018

Pop Culture

Christmas Cat Names

Ho, ho, ho! What could be more jolly than Christmas cat names? We thought you’d agree. There’s something about giving your cat a Christmas inspired name that makes you grin from ear to ear. Christmas cat names will likely appeal to the sentimental and those who especially enjoy this warm hearted season that comes every year. Just think…every time you ... Read More »

Halloween Cat Names

This fun fall holiday offers lots of great cat names. You’ll find many purrfect cat names that would appeal for the family cat. So if you’ve decided to get a cat a few weeks after taking the kids Trick or Treating, a Halloween themed cat name may be a great choice for you. Don’t think that only a black cat ... Read More »

Dessert Inspired Cat Names

Is your cat a real sweetie pie? Then you’ll want to try a Dessert Inspired name to match their purrsonality that’s just like candy – or cake! We’ve got lots of yummy dessert names for you to choose from. Cupcake – What could be more adorable than a tasty cupcake? Why, your new cat of course! Give them a sweet ... Read More »

Shakespeare Inspired Cat Names

If for you – “the play’s the thing” – then a Shakespeare Cat Name may be the purrfect choice. Shakespeare wrote many plays: 38 actually. Comedies, tragedies and dramas, all filled with fascinating characters who could inspire that next, great cat or kitten name. We think the “Bard of Avon” would agree! Revel – Shakespeare used many words as a ... Read More »