Sunday , 24 January 2021

Color & Size

50 Shades of Cat

Most of us have heard of that 50 Shades of Grey book by now. A movie based on the book will come out on Valentine’s Day. You’ll find 50 purrfect cat names, inspired by a rainbow of color shades. There’s something here for everyone. Some like to name a grey or orange cat with a cat name that specifically compliments ... Read More »

Big Cat Names

If your kitty is a big hunka chunka luv, then you want that purrfect name that just cuddles up to them right from the start. Sort of the way your kitty cuddles up when you open that can of cat food first thing in the morning. Dontcha worry, we’ve got plenty of big cat names you’ll love for your chunk ... Read More »

Gray Cat Names

There’s something wonderful about gray cats. Those bright green eyes, glowing against the soft gray fur. Sometimes you will see them, moving quickly and think it is a shadow – but realize there is a sneaky gray cat trying to reach for a chicken leg on your plate! Grey cats are beautiful and just a bit mysterious. You aren’t quite ... Read More »

Orange Cat Names

Everyone notices a bright and sunny orange cat! These cats can range in hue from a deep, bright orange to burnt orange or even a light orange that is closer to a light brown color. Many who have chosen orange cats have first noticed their stunning coat color but then have admired their friendly and sunny personalities. There’s something about ... Read More »

White Cat Names

Did you just adopt a white cat or kitten? White cats are adorable and a favorite of many. We know you are looking for that purrfect name for your white cat, and we’ve got a great selection for you! You may be surprised at how many options there are with white cat names. And don’t think this list is limited, ... Read More »

Brown Cat Names

Did you recently adopt a brown cat….or did it “adopt” you? Then you’re probably looking for that purrfect cat name that fits them so well. Here are some cat names – especially for those lovely, adorable brown cats! Java – Many simply can’t do without their daily cup of coffee – why it would almost be like being without your ... Read More »

Calico Cat Names

Who can resist the beauty of calico cats? The classic calico has a lovely pattern in orange, black and white, with patches of these colors along their coats. You’ll find calico cats in a variety of breeds, including the American Shorthair, Persian and the Japanese Bobtail. We have some purrfect cat names…just for your new calico cat or kitten! Sometimes ... Read More »

Black Cat Names

Black Cat Names Most notice a black cat when it crosses their path…and we know the cat lover will always stop to pet it! Some cultures think that feline is quite lucky. Others think the black cat is the sign of bad luck to come. But many ignore all of this and simply adore their black cats – knowing it ... Read More »