Thursday , 25 February 2021

Brown Cat Names

Brown Cat by Mikael Tigerström Flickr 6 15 13

Did you recently adopt a brown cat….or did it “adopt” you? Then you’re probably looking for that purrfect cat name that fits them so well. Here are some cat names – especially for those lovely, adorable brown cats!

Java – Many simply can’t do without their daily cup of coffee – why it would almost be like being without your new cat or kitten! Try this purrfect cat name, ideal for the pet parent who loves their Cup of Joe.

Cappuccino – This coffee drink originates from Italy and has espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam. A purrfect cat name, especially for a medium to light brown cat and cat with white on them.

Mocha – Who can resist something with delicious mocha in it? Try this cat name for your sweet and playful cat, especially one you can pat while drinking an iced mocha latte!

Chocolat – This word is French and translates as “chocolate.” What could be sweeter than chocolate? Why, your cat of course! Give your lovely new cat or kitten a name that fits their purrsonality.

Cocoa – What can be more wonderful than a cup of hot cocoa on a cold, snowy day? Probably having your warm cat sit on your lap and purr. Cocoa is typically a soft brown color and we know your cat would be the sweetest one on the block!

Espresso – Nothing gives you more energy than a shot of espresso to get you going. That is except for playing with your cat or getting them unstuck from the kitchen curtains. This could be the purrfect cat name especially for that cat with lots of energy and a playful spirit.

Honey – If people are drawn to your cat or kitten like bees to honey, then Honey could be the purrfect cat name. Also a great choice for those who prefer natural cat care.

Chai – This delicious tea drink is an intoxicating combination of tea, spices and herbs. Many claim it is simply captivating….why it could almost so as your new cat (though we know who would win that battle).

Molasses – Is your new, adorable kitty sweet and just seems to move along at their own pace? Maybe they don’t come when you call them, or they “decide” when they will come when you call them – at their own leisure. Molasses could be that purrfect cat name for this sweet cat with a mind of its own.

Owl – Does your kitten or cat have big eyes that seem to just take everything in? Owls are wise and thoughtful, just like your cat is, observing and watching. Give them a name that fits their personality.

Hawk – Is your cat lightning fast and able to see a kitty treat at 50 paces? Choose Hawk as their purrfect name, because that’s quite like your feline.

Brownie – Who can resist a sweet treat…brownies are hard to say “No” to. Choose a name that is as yummy as your new cat, and keep their paws out of the batter while you bake!

Ginger – Many love to use this spice when they cook or bake. A purrfect name for light to medium brown cats, especially those with a little extra “zing” in their purrsonality.

Photo (c) Mikael Tigerström







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