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Bombay Cat Names

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photo (c) Massimo Montorfano

Did you adopt a Bombay cat or kitten? We’re not surprised, they are simply amazing cats!

Not only is your Bombay feline a true beauty, but they have a delightful purrsonality and temperament. This cat breed is so good with children and enjoys socializing with people. If you choose a Bombay kitty, be sure to spend time with them regularly, as they don’t like to be left alone for too long. You’ll be rewarded every day with a super cuddly and sweet cat – your chances of the Bombay cat being a “lap cat” are very high. What could be better than watching your favorite show, or reading a book with a cup of tea & having your cat right there with you?

Do keep in mind that the Bombay cat is a very playful cat, so you’re going to want to keep them occupied. Give them toys and activities such as a cat tree, so they have lots of fun things to do. Play with them, whether with a feather toy or something else they like, this cat is always ready for fun!

photo (c) Beckie

We have some purrfect Bombay cat names for you!

Bastet – Your Bombay cat is so elegant looking, why not name them after the Egyptian goddess of cats? We know in your house, that your feline will be “worshipped” every day.

Thor – One of the Greek Gods, actually one of the most important ones. When Thor spoke, everyone, including the other Greek Gods, listened. This is a great name for your take-charge cat.

Panther – Doesn’t your sweet little Bombay kitten look like a tiny panther? We thought so! That’s why this name is so purrfect!

Midnight – Bombay cats are a beautiful black coat color and they always have that bit of mystery about them. Don’t you wonder what your cat is doing at midnight, or other hours?

photo (c) Nicholas Titkov

Shadow – The purrfect name for your super active and playful Bombay cat! If you feel like sometimes you only see their shadow, choose this name for them.

Coal – When you actually look at a piece of coal, it is glossy black and has a wonderful luster. But we know that your Bombay cat is more beautiful than anything!

Felix – One of the most well-known and vintage cartoon cats! He delighted and entertained us for years. A great cat name.

Salem – When your cat has that extra bit of witchy mystery about them, here is the purrfect cat name for them. Perhaps they’ve cast a spell on us all!

photo (c) gerlos

Ebony – Like the keys of a piano, the black keys are known as the Ebony ones. If you love music and think your Bombay cat has a musical meow, choose this name for them.

photo (c) Tullio Saba

Sinatra – One of the best-known singers in the world. A top-notch voice and always had a terrific song to sing. Choose this name when your cat can’t resist but take center stage and always deserves it.

Batman – Do you think your cat is secretly a superhero? Perhaps they are Batman’s buddy, or another superhero. Batman makes a purrfect cat name for them!

Batgirl – Is your female Bombay cat having secret adventures and out saving the world? Why not give her a superhero name?

Darth Vader – If you are a huge Star Wars fan, here is a great cat name for your Bombay cat or kitten.

Oracle – A slightly mysterious and mystical name for your Bombay feline. Will they predict the future? Is someone going to grill them a salmon?

Pepper – The purrfect cat name for your feline who has tons of purrsonality! If everyone on the neighborhood block already knows your cat and you only got them 2 days ago, this is a name with extra “spice” for them!

Espresso – Do you have a cat who loves to wake you up in the morning? Who needs caffeine? You’ve got a feline alarm clock.

Java – Is your cat super active, as if they’ve had a good cup of coffee? Choose this fun cat name for them!

Olive – Who can resist a juicy black olive? Such a distinct taste. Quite like your cat – when you name them Olive, we know they are quite special & very unique.

photo (c) teakwood

Lucky – Now some look at a black cat in the USA and think they are unlucky. But did you know in other parts of the world – black cats are super lucky? So, embrace that luck and call your Bombay cat Lucky!

Pandora – Always a bit of mystery to your cat? Give them this name.

Sneakers – Is your cat always on the go? Give them a super active name to match.

Stormy – This is the purrfect name to match your cat’s coat, while their purrsonality is super sweet. It will surprise everyone!

Noir (French) – This translates into “night.” A lovely name for your cat.

Widget – Here’s a super cute name, especially for your extra curious cat.

Gizmo – A delightful cat name for one who does unexpected things.

Onyx – This gemstone is glossy and black, truly elegant. If you have a Bombay cat with unmatched style, pick this name.

Bond (007) – Now James Bond is a great name for a cat that always looks so stylish!

Martini – Is your cat the life of the party? Why not call them Martini?

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