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Shakespeare Inspired Cat Names

If for you – “the play’s the thing” – then a Shakespeare Cat Name may be the purrfect choice. Shakespeare wrote many plays: 38 actually. Comedies, tragedies and dramas, all filled with fascinating characters who could inspire that next, great cat or kitten name. We think the “Bard of Avon” would agree! Revel – Shakespeare used many words as a ... Read More »

Goofy Cat Names

Does your cat make you laugh and laugh? Some cats just seem goofier than others. So why not give them a Goofy cat name to match their purrsonality? Here are some cat names ideal for your silly and fun cat! Sneakers – Kids and “big kids” (adults) know they’ll have more fun in any day when they get to wear ... Read More »

Russian Blue Cat Names

  RUSSIAN BLUE CATS One of the first Russian blue cats appearing in Western Europe was “the Archangel Cat” on display at the Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1875, but there is a distinct possibility that other Russian blues reached the shores of Scandinavia, Britain and even Alaska under their own power. Native to the Archangel Islands off the coast of ... Read More »

Black Cat Names

Black Cat Names Most notice a black cat when it crosses their path…and we know the cat lover will always stop to pet it! Some cultures think that feline is quite lucky. Others think the black cat is the sign of bad luck to come. But many ignore all of this and simply adore their black cats – knowing it ... Read More »