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Christmas Cat Names

Ho, ho, ho! What could be more jolly than Christmas cat names? We thought you’d agree. There’s something about giving your cat a Christmas inspired name that makes you grin from ear to ear. Christmas cat names will likely appeal to the sentimental and those who especially enjoy this warm hearted season that comes every year. Just think…every time you ... Read More »

Halloween Cat Names

This fun fall holiday offers lots of great cat names. You’ll find many purrfect cat names that would appeal for the family cat. So if you’ve decided to get a cat a few weeks after taking the kids Trick or Treating, a Halloween themed cat name may be a great choice for you. Don’t think that only a black cat ... Read More »

Sweet Nickname Cat Names

Is your cat a sweetie pie? What a question…of course they are. Even if they shred the curtains, we know you see the true sweet cat they can be. Every cat is a sweetie pie, but some cats just seem to deserve a really sweet name, like some of the sweet nicknames we know. Its fun to give your cat ... Read More »

Cat Names for Pairs

What could be more wonderful than owning a cat (or being owned by one as we all know)? Why, owning two cats of course! Getting a pair of cats can sometimes mean “double trouble” but often it simply means doubling your fun. One of the best things about getting two cats together is they can grow up together and keep ... Read More »

Comfort Food Cat Names

Ahh, there’s something so good about comfort food. And there’s nothing more cozy and comforting as a cat. A cat who can cuddle up to you, and who will listen to you for hours and whose lively antics always make you smile. So its easy to see comfort food as a fun theme for cat names! Many will readily admit ... Read More »

Coffee and Tea Cat Names

If your day doesn’t start without your favorite coffee drink or cup of tea, then this could be good inspiration for a cat name. There are many delicious coffee and tea drinks available today, no longer are you limited to a cup of java or a mug of earl grey. Your Coffee and Tea Cat name can be as distinct ... Read More »

Weather Cat Names

Does the sun come out into the sky when your cat comes into the room? For a lot of cat owners, it seems this way. So it is no surprise that a Weather themed cat name would be a fun choice. You have many options with Weather cat names. Whether you want to name them after really stormy weather or ... Read More »

Brown Cat Names

Did you recently adopt a brown cat….or did it “adopt” you? Then you’re probably looking for that purrfect cat name that fits them so well. Here are some cat names – especially for those lovely, adorable brown cats! Java – Many simply can’t do without their daily cup of coffee – why it would almost be like being without your ... Read More »

Dessert Inspired Cat Names

Is your cat a real sweetie pie? Then you’ll want to try a Dessert Inspired name to match their purrsonality that’s just like candy – or cake! We’ve got lots of yummy dessert names for you to choose from. Cupcake – What could be more adorable than a tasty cupcake? Why, your new cat of course! Give them a sweet ... Read More »

Calico Cat Names

Who can resist the beauty of calico cats? The classic calico has a lovely pattern in orange, black and white, with patches of these colors along their coats. You’ll find calico cats in a variety of breeds, including the American Shorthair, Persian and the Japanese Bobtail. We have some purrfect cat names…just for your new calico cat or kitten! Sometimes ... Read More »