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Crunchy Granola Cat Names

Are you looking for a cat name that will not only be purrfect – but also be in complete harmony with the Universe? Then you probably are looking for a Crunchy Granola Cat Name! We say this in a lighthearted and fun way. After all, we’ve known quite a few buddies – with and without fur who’ve had names quite ... Read More »

Tuxedo Cat Names

There’s something simply special about a Tuxedo cat. The first thing you notice is their beautiful black and white coat, with stunning markings and pattern. But so many admire the Tuxedo cat’s wonderful, friendly personality and intelligence. This is one cat who will always be able to figure out how to open doors or do other things that will surprise ... Read More »

Some More Dessert Inspired Cat Names

Now we know you think your cat is so sweet, even when they are doing something they shouldn’t, like climbing the curtains! So here are some more dessert inspired cat names for you, to help find that purrfect cat name for your new cat or kitten! Gelato – Translated into Italian, “Gelato” is “ice cream.” This frosty and sweet dessert ... Read More »

Ice Cream Cat Names

Are you always tempted by an ice cream treat? Well, what could be more sweet than your adorable, purrfect cat? We thought you’d agree! Here are purrfect cat names inspired by some of your favorite ice cream treats. Remember, cats prefer milk, not ice cream cones! Rocky Road – This chocolate, marshmallow and nut ice cream is a popular favorite. ... Read More »

Book Review: Crafting with Cat Hair by Kaori Tsutaya

I’ll admit I found the book title Crafting with Cat Hair very interesting and unique. Most people notice that some..or a lot of hair is shed from their cat. The thought of making crafts from cat hair may seem a little “out of the (cat) box” but if you love cats and love crafts, it is a great way to ... Read More »

Orange Cat Names

Everyone notices a bright and sunny orange cat! These cats can range in hue from a deep, bright orange to burnt orange or even a light orange that is closer to a light brown color. Many who have chosen orange cats have first noticed their stunning coat color but then have admired their friendly and sunny personalities. There’s something about ... Read More »

Mischievous Cat Names

Does your cat always seem to find trouble…or does trouble seem to always find them? Then you might want to give them a name that shows their more mischievous nature. No cats are bad or naughty – but some cats just seem to know how to shred the newspaper with the article you were going to save, or shed car ... Read More »

Girly Girl Cat Names

Is your new female kitten all sugar, spice and everything nice? Some girl cats just seem more feminine and ladylike than others, and for those you may want to choose a truly girl girl name. We have some purrfect cat names for you to select from for that sweet kitty! Emily – This female name is a classic and quite ... Read More »

White Cat Names

Did you just adopt a white cat or kitten? White cats are adorable and a favorite of many. We know you are looking for that purrfect name for your white cat, and we’ve got a great selection for you! You may be surprised at how many options there are with white cat names. And don’t think this list is limited, ... Read More »