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We are a pet parent’s resource for cat names & more. You’ll find fun & unique themed lists of cat names to help give that feline the purrfect name. At we also host interviews with cat experts of every type – from vets, cat authors and cat communicators to name a few!

My name is Abigail and I’ve shared my life with cats. There are photos of me sharing my crib with my very first cat Cheshire, named after the smiling cat in Alice In Wonderland. Cheshire was a wonderful companion and I’ve been blessed to have lovely cats in my life. Now I have an 8 month old kitten that I named Penguin, for his sweet and playful purrsonality. I also have an adult/senior cat named Sammy, who was named by his original owner for a character in a novel. Above is a photo of Penguin.

Please feel free to Submit a Cat Name if you’d like to share a favorite one with us. Or contact me at purrfectcatnames at!




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