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7 Tips to Keep Cats off Your Kitchen Counters

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Does your cat love the kitchen counters? This comes as no surprise, there is a) yummy stuff b) counters can be cozy & warm, and c) if you’re a cat then you’re usually right where the entire family is when you choose this spot to hang out on!

But most of us really don’t want our cats on the kitchen counters. I’ll admit that my cat Penguin is a lil’ bit spoiled, but even he is not permitted to get up on them. He can sit on the dining room table when there are no meals, to enjoy an afternoon nap in the sun.

There are some very basic reasons to keep your cats off the kitchen counter. If you have appliances such as a waffle iron or a Panini maker, if this is heated and open, then your beloved pet could become injured if they get too close. You also don’t want your cat trying to sneak near the stovetop if it is next to the counter, to try to eat anything from there. Does this surprise you? One of my cats actually snagged a piece of fried chicken – right after it was cooked! – from the stovetop. We were so thankful that she was not injured, that we took the chicken off the drumstick bone and let her eat all of it!!!

Today I’m going to share some tips to keep your cats off the kitchen counter.

Tip #1: Agree as a family that the cats are not permitted on kitchen counters.

If you can do this, we guarantee you’ll have a much stronger success rate than others will! It can be quite challenging if the kids are letting the cat up on the counter and the adults are not. You are totally confusing the cat, with 2 different sets of directions! So the next time you sit down as a family, whether this is dinner or family meeting time, explain that you do not want the cat getting up on the kitchen counter and what everyone should do if the cat tries to do this.

Tip #2: Make kitchen counters unappealing to cats.

Your kitchen counters are valuable and an important part of making the kitchen look great! Deter your cats by making this surface unappealing, in a gentle way. Try putting out some waxed paper or brown paper where your pet likes to be the most. What attracts your cat is typically the warmth of this surface and also its smoothness, which they will no longer feel on their paws. As they step, they will also hear little noises walking on the paper too, which may frustrate them a bit, encouraging them to find another place to be. This is an ideal tip to help keep cats and pets off the counters while you are out of the house.

Tip#3: Give your cats their own special “spots” in the kitchen, if you can.

This photo by Cat Lovers Here from is totally adorable, because it shows just how determined a cat can be to make itself at home right on your kitchen counters! As anyone you can see, this cat is comfy and cozy sleeping on the family’s cloth napkins or kitchen towels. The secret to being successful in helping your pet change this behavior is giving them a special “spot” in the kitchen. Yes, your kitchen may be a busy place, but be determined and inventive. Most pet cats are not very large – only about 15 pounds or so. Look for a great spot they can cozy up to, so they leave the kitchen counters alone for good.

Tip #4: Know that this will take practice, both for you & your cat.

Most experts say that is takes a month to break a bad habit or to start a new, good habit. So don’t expect your cat to pick up on this after you’ve shown them two or three times. You also have to be consistent in what you expect them to do. If you are letting them up on the counter sometimes – because you are “too busy” to train them otherwise, than this is really going to confuse your cat. Cats are quite smart and want to please their families, more than likely your pet will pick up on what you want them to do. Just not instantly!

Tip #5: Keeping your cats off the counters will help them to look beautiful. Use this to encourage yourself to keep training them not to do this behavior.

In part you may be stricter about your pets, depending on what your counters are made of. Some counter materials such as granite, quartz and stone are more durable than Formica. If you have a wood counter or a laminate one, then you’ll be constantly aware of looking out for nicks and scratches from your pet’s paws. Visit PremiereSurfaces Buffalo, NY to see the latest kitchen counters, click on their name to take a look!

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Tip #6: Use simple phrases when speaking to your cat about what you want them to do. Reward good behavior especially as they are learning.

Saying something such as “Penguin, down from the counter” or “Penguin, NO don’t get up on the counter” is a good choice. Notice that I put the pet’s name first. The phrases are simple and include the command the cat should learn. The word “counter” is in there, so the cat knows the location you are talking about. If you are trying to get them to get down from the counter, try pointing your finger to the floor as you say the phrase. I would recommend clapping your hands (lightly, not hard) if your cat is trying to jump up on the counter.

Tip #7: Try to figure out the “why” behind your cat’s desire to be up on the kitchen counter.

While this tip is mentioned last, it actually is one of the most important. Try to see the world through your feline’s viewpoint. Does your cat get up on the counter while you are preparing dinner, so they would like a little tidbit of food that you feed them? Is your cat getting on the counter in the morning while children get their breakfast, because the kids pat the cat and greet your pet? Most likely there is a reason your cat is doing this behavior. If you can figure out the “why” then you can try to get them to do something else instead.

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