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2014 Cat Calendars You’ll Love from BrownTrout Publishers, Inc!

Where has 2013 gone? We’re slip-sliding through 2013 and way too soon…December will be here. Now is the perfect time to get a calendar. And if you are a cat lover, you’ll want to get a terrific cat calendar. Here at PurrfectCatNames, we’ve got some purrfect cat calendars you’ll love for 2014. BrownTrout Publishers publishes many cat calendars and we know you’ll enjoy counting the days to a birthday or a fun occasion on one of these calendars!


For some cat lovers & owners, they first look to find a cat calendar that represents their favorite breed of cat. BrownTrout Publishers has many different cat breed calendars. We saw their Tuxedo Cats calendar and Maine Coon Cats calendar. Both are 18 month calendars, featuring adorable cats. The Tuxedo Cats calendar has a lovely variety of the black and white Tux cats that fans of this breed have come to know and love. One of my favorite photos is December, featuring a cat who has climbed into a birdhouse in a snowy scene. The October Tuxedo cat also shows an active pose, with the cat looking up as if expecting a treat or ready to play with a favorite toy.

Their Maine Coon Cats calendar features some beautiful Maine Coon kitties. One of my friends has a Maine Coon kitty and I’ve had a chance to fall in love with this type of cat as if I’ve had one myself. I’ve noticed that the Maine Coon has a very expressive face and you won’t be disappointed with this calendar, that have that active, lively and expressive face. February’s photo is adorable, featuring a mama and her kitten. The kitten reaches up for a kiss. November’s photo is very sweet too, featuring two very young Maine Coon cats that look like they are ready for playtime.

Love art? You’ll want to check out The Artful Cat, featuring paintings by Lesley Anne Ivory. One of my favorite things about this calendar is not only is the artwork beautiful, but it captures the cats personalities so well. April’s photo shows a grey and white striped tabby crouched down in a garden, chasing a mouse. You can see how alert the cat is and that they are ready to pounce at the perfect time. The seasons and scenery are also well considered when Ivory chose her subjects and topics for each month. July’s painting is the purrfect scene for the summertime. It shows three black cats lazing around at the docks, waiting for the fish to come in.

Okay, I confess: I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for black cats. And if you love black cats then you’ll certainly love the Black Cats 2014 calendar from BrownTrout Publishing. To me, I would think that photographing black cats would be a bit challenging, to capture their features and expressions but this calendar does it so well. September’s cat is adorable, showing the black cat looking up at you as if you are going to reach down and pat them or put something in their food dish. April’s cat will certainly make you smile, as it is stretching in the front yard with its tail raised high.

The Yoga Cats calendar is the purrfect choice for anyone who both loves yoga and cats. Cats are quite graceful and flexible, sometimes when they stretch it is almost as if they are doing yoga! Each month lists the name of the adorable kitty and the yoga pose they are doing, with the physical benefits of that pose. I especially liked May’s Mama Kitty in Downward Facing Dog Pose as it looks so much like a natural cat stretch I’ve seen my cat do every day. Another fun one is December’s kitty Nakata in Lotus Pose. On this calendar you’ll also see a variety of different breeds and coat colors of cats.

Few could resist the Cat Lovers calendar, with its stunning photos. Not only do you have 1 beautiful cat photo but you have a photo collage on each calendar page, featuring several photos. If you love cats this is the purrfect way to enjoy quite a few of them, in natural, outdoor settings. You’ll see different breeds and coat colors and patterns featured in this calendar. May’s cats are beautiful, featuring cats surrounded by wildflowers in the biggest photo. November’s cats are all playful, the biggest photo features a cat who is playing with a bubble and two of the smaller photos feature kitties who are sticking their heads into pots outdoors, being very curious.

It looks like BrownTrout Publishers, Inc has some wonderful cat calendars for 2014. If you love cats (and we think you do!) you’ll want to check out their selection. They also have other calendars for more cat breeds and cat themes that we did not feature – check out their beautiful calendars here at their website!

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